Restaurant Business

In a network society where technological innovations have advanced for even more convenience, a wide variety of information crisscrosses each other. In this day and age when society change in an ever faster pace, even though the environment around food may change, there is no change in the fact that throughout the ages, food culture has enriched the souls of people and that is the apex of life and culture. Furthermore, through every individual embracing dreams and passion to further strengthen, enrich and improve themselves and their lifestyles, they will lead to the creation of a bright future for themselves.

The food business always accurately embraces customer needs, creates true inspiration and joy, delivers inspiration, and by sharing this inspiration with our customers, enriches our souls.
The strong and unwavering will and passion to achieve this is part of our self-fulfillment.
A responsible spirit of challenge is the food for our growth and we believe that this is the best source of energy to promote business.

1.Restaurant operations

Our company will take responsibility for a store from a client and engage in overall operations for all fields including everyday operations, income and expenditure management, and mid- and long-term business planning.

2.Production of restaurants

We provide everything from business plan development to income and expenditure/investment planning, collection of store properties, space design, operations construction, sales promotion activities and even after-sale consulting once the store has opened as an overall package to precisely meet the requests of our clients.

3.Restaurant consulting

We will work with our clients to improve store sales and business efficiency, as well as assist in management, sales promotion, menu development and more.

  • ・Business strategy consulting
  • ・Sales management consulting
  • ・Menu development, procurement assistance consulting
  • ・Sales strategy, sales promotion consulting
  • ・Financial assistance consulting
  • ・Tokyo Calendar restaurant business project production.
  • ・Consulting for lectures and practical classes produced by L'ecole Vantan restaurants.
  • ・Belluna Co., Ltd. restaurant business project production.
  • ・Watami Taiwan service consulting
  • ・Business category joint development production with Moet Hennessy Diageo. and more...