Consulting Business

By providing optimal solutions based on the current situation of our clients, we will speed up the upward spiral of growth and development with out clients.

Our experienced consultants will analyze the gap between the management strategy of the client and its current situation to create and provide a unique solution that will achieve maximum effects in the shortest possible time. As trusted professional advisors, we will support your management strategy to improve corporate value.

From M&A to corporate restructuring, business recovery, finance and other vital management strategy aspects, we offer a one-stop destination that meets a wide variety of needs by utilizing our vast experience as well as domestic and international network.

With the maturing of the domestic market and the globalization of competition in recent years, we not only provide support for M&A among domestic companies, but we also provide assistance for acquisition of overseas companies as part of the overseas expansion and global growth strategy of our clients.

1.M&A consulting

In a management environment that constantly changes from day to day, facing this environment on your own in order to continuously increase corporate value is not necessarily the most logical approach.

As a group of M&A professionals, we focus on experience and practical skills in the field and provide detailed support for our clients by utilizing our know-how cultivated from our vast experience and achievements.

Based on a steadfast strategy centered on M&A, we assist in acquiring management resources for the clients as well as in the optimization of their organizational structure to provide one-stop thorough and consistent advice that will bring out their effects to the fullest.

2.Recovery consulting

In recent years, changes in the management environment such as the rapid progression of globalization, technological development, increases in materials and resource prices and competition through market maturation have led to a great many companies with unprofitable businesses and assets (real estate, etc.) with low use efficiency.

By procuring these assets and covering deficits from these unprofitable businesses, there are an increasing number of cases where debts are becoming excessive when compared to cash flow generated by company management.

The most important thing for measures to eliminate excessive debt issues and streamline management is to create a "highly feasible drastic plan" that considers not only the perspective of the company itself but the perspectives of a variety of stakeholders.

This business plan will implement restructuring related to business and financial structure and operation systems, and will assist in the permanent continuation and development of the company and business by concentrating management resources in profitable businesses and business that will grow in the future.

We also offer extensive support for realizing funding through loans from financial institutions, financial fluidization, and allocation of new shares to a third party, based on the needs and management situation of our clients.

3.Overseas business consulting

In recent years, there has been an increase in cross-border cases where Japanese companies expand overseas or M&A of overseas companies by Japanese companies.

Growth in the Asian market is particularly remarkable and Japanese companies continue to expand into this region.

However, on the other hand, the reality is that these companies face difficult business operations due to issues such as stiff competition, and complex laws and tax systems.

With our specialized network in Asian countries such as Hong Kong and Singapore offer strengths not offered by other companies, including know-how cultivated from numerous overseas expansion experience, which includes failures, as well as familiarity with local information.

By providing a "one-stop service" for overseas expansion and overseas M&A only available from our company, we provide total and thorough assistance for the success of the overseas business of our clients.

  • ・Consulting for Celux Hldgs. For their M&A of Red Lobster.
  • ・Consulting for restaurant company A, with 800 domestic stores, for their expansion into Singapore and Asia.
  • ・Consulting for restaurant company B, with 250 domestic stores, for their expansion into Singapore and Asia.
  • ・Consulting for restaurant company C, with 32 domestic stores, for their expansion into Hong Kong and Asia.
  • ・Consulting for restaurant company E, with 165 domestic stores, for asset fluidization and M&A. and more...